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Olympia Beekeepers Association
P.O. Box 732
Olympia, WA 98507

Call 360-515-7274 and follow the menu.

Outreach Request

Are you looking for a speaker for your class, group or event? In an effort to track these requests better we have put together a form you can fill out. We will do our best to fulfill these requests but as a volunteer organization it can be difficult at times.

Report a Swarm

Call our Swarm Coordinator at 360-491-4968 and we will coordinate finding a member who can respond to help you.

When you call, it is important to have the following information:

  • Location: street address
  • Height: how high the swarm is off the ground
  • Telephone contact number
  • Access to the swarm
  • Any other pertinent information you can provide

Association members can request to be on the swarm catchers contact list. Simply indicate in your member profile that you would like to catch swarms and the OBA Swarm Coordinator will contact you with opportunities that meet your requirements.