The Olympia Beekeepers Association is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Below you will find Olympia Beekeepers Association Documents for Bylaws, Minutes, Forms, Rules and Applications.

Current Bylaws

C – 2019-3-11 OBA Bylaws – First Amended

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Current Policies

D – 2019-6-10 OBA Membership Policy

D – 2019-9-9 Committee Policy

D – 2019-9-9 Conflict of Interest & Annual Statement

D – 2019-9-9 Finance Policy

D – 2019-9-9 General Hold Harmless Policy

D – 2019-9-9 Grievance Policy

D – 2019-9-9 Non-Discrimination Policy

D – 2019-9-9 Policy Management

D – 2019-9-9 Swarm Hold Harmless Policy

Policies Pending for Membership Comment

Proposed Amended Finance Policy to be posted soon.

Policy Committee

OBA members,

We are pleased that the proposed policy statements were adopted at the September 2019 meeting. Thank you for your support.

The Board proposes to adopt a more formal budget process for the club. So, an amendment to the Finance policy to reflect that is in the works. The  intent is to post that amended Finance policy soon for your review and comments.


Your OBA Policy Review Team

Committee members are:
Roy Manicke               
David Bruun               
Maria Pareigis