April 9th, 2018 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

April 9th, 2018

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:07 pm by Mechele.

Mechele introduced Yolanda from the USDA to the meeting to speak to the members. Yolanda let the club know that the USDA in each state is taking a Bee pest survey. This year volunteers will collect samples of 15 beekeepers per state. They take about a ¼ cup from each colony/sample wax. The survey is completely confidential on the state-wide level. They test for two pest that are exotic. If any members are interested in participating in this study there are flyers at the head table to take with more information.

Mechele introduced Dewey Caron at 7:10pm.

Dewey’s main topics centered around Do you have an April plan? Also, he let the club know that he would be going over the Pacific Northwest Honey survey results as well.

Dewey let the club know that there are some new titles out for bee biology. World Bee Day is May 20th and would be a great opportunity to help educate others about bees.

He let the club know that the survey could be found at pnwhoneysurvery.com- the survey takes about 3 to 5 minutes to take and it based from the Fall to the Spring. Some of the results from the survey are as follows:

2016-2017 WA Backyarder- Olympia 67.5% out of 52 beekeepers that lost hive last winter.

23 people or 47% lost 1,2 or 3 hives.

Common reason for the loss was Varroa mites.

April Plan- Contradictions starvation vs Expansion

Due inspections- Look for Cap Brood

Start new colony- Packages, nucs, splits

- Feed (Avoid starvation, stimulate)

- Reverse (Guide expansion)

- Cull Frames (healthier bees)

- Draw Foundation Frames (need more)

- Make nucs (loss make-up, slow division)

- Reduce swarm preparations (queen cells)

Capture a swarm (great easy way to get free bees)

- Wax producers

- Early swarms build rapidly to productive

- Captures create teachable moments


Disadvantages of Swarms

- Temporary- be gone before you capture them

- Medicated/treated for mites

- Sometimes a swarm has stayed temporary for too long and can get very defensive and can be bothered by onlookers.


Spring Splits = swarm management + make up winter loss + mite control


Natural or Darwinian Beekeeper

- Away from neighbors

- Away from beekeepers

- Not using nucs or packages

- Can afford losses

- Not seeking honey

- no time or interest in inspections

- small brood so swarming promoted “natural” area nearby for swarm nest sites


Dewey also let the club know that Apivar if used for several years can build up some resistance to the medication

Dewey was thanked and finished at 8:28 pm.

Break at 8:28 pm Refreshments were served

Meeting resumed at 8:36 pm

Mechele let the club know that Louis Morrison was selling his 3-frame hand crank honey extractor. If anyone was interested his phone number would be up at the front table.

Mechele asked the club if there were any changes or corrections to the March minutes. Becky made the motion that Gail’s comment of taking nominations at the March meeting for new officers. Mechele seconded and motion carried. Minutes were amended to reflect the motion made.

Vice President Tim Weible- Let the club know that the accelerated course that starts on April 10th has 36 students signed up to participate in just one month of lobbying from him and Shelby.

Secretary report: None to report

Treasurer’s Report David Bruun: Checking account- $5182.93, Savings account - $4571.42, Cash on hand - $12.55

Membership Coordinator Duane: 86 paid members

Mechele asked if any of chairs would like present information to the club. Frank with the airport project presented the club with an approximate spending of $315 for equipment for supplies for the Airport hives. Roy made the motion that we go ahead with spending $315, seconded by Phil, motion carried.

No other chairs reported.

Mechele moved to new business of nominations.

Paul asked the Mechele if he could come address the club. Paul asked that the secretary read from the bylaws about how officers are elected.

Secretary followed through with the request and read Article three section two: “All officers shall hold office for one year or until their successors have been duly elected and installed.”

Paul then talked to the association that by saying duly elected our bylaws have to be amended in order to set up a nomination process. So, he made the motion that the nominations be tabled until the bylaws can be amended.

Mechele addressed the association and let the club know that the bylaws that club was suppose to be following was not being done by her predecessors.

Tim addressed the club about what the board has been trying to accomplish for the year such as create a set of proposed bylaws which we did, try to establish a software system to fix the issues with our website and membership.

Mechele talked about why the club missed Green Congress as Lori has been using her personal email and phone number for communications. All of the flyers and cards that have been passed out are with Lori’s name, email and phone number. That is why Mechele established a phone number with direct lines to different members of the board to avoid this problem in the future.

Phil motioned to fix the bylaws that we are using now and bring to the next meeting. David added that they will post them by the May meeting and vote in June.

David moved to table the nominations until next month. Paul let the club know that this means their can be no elections at this time.

It was also motioned that the Roberts Rules of Order be amended for this meeting to hold the nominations and elections. Paul and Mechele let the club know that you can’t amend Roberts Rules of order.

Michele Clark moved to meet in the middle and have the bylaws revised by May and then approve at June. There was a second but motion did not carry.

Mechele asked Paul if they make the amendment to the bylaws and every member got a set of bylaws with the notification of changes via, email, mail and the website that at the next meeting we could vote on the bylaws, adopt them and then vote in elections.

Frank made the motion that a committee form, create bylaws, propose to the president and then to the club. David seconded. Motion carried

Frank made a second motion that if in 30 days the committee did not complete the task that we hold elections at that time. Seconded by Michele. Motion carried

A motion was put to the floor that we move to adjourn the meeting and carry the raffle over until the next meeting. Seconded by Mechele, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 9:27 pm