August 14th, 2017 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

August 14th, 2017

The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd

Meeting was called to order by Mechele at 7:14pm.

Mechele let the club know that the Beeline went out and it was a little different with fun pictures from the fair included. The beeline highlighted the agenda for tonight’s meeting.

Mechele mentioned that membership dues are due now.

Mechele asked if any changes needed to be made to the July meeting minutes. Vice President Tim moved to have the minutes recorded as written with no corrections, it was seconded and the motioned carried.

Next month’s meeting will be back at Chinook Middle School, where the award voting will take place.

Mechele asked Colleen Lynch to come up and talk to the association in regards to information about the Olympia’s Farmers Market. Colleen informed us that they currently have no honey vendor for next year’s farmers market. She was able to talk to the Olympia Farmer’s Market board about what it would take to have a have a honey vendor. They have to be able to know where the honey is actually coming from. They have to come out and inspect your hives as to where the honey came from. They didn’t really give us a NO; it is just a difficult situation and how to approach it. They are open to having someone apply for the spot and see how they can make it work. The club’s input was it would be good to have a presence for not only our club but how to become a beekeeper. They also need to see a rough business plan; the number of hives and the pounds of honey that you can produce that must be verified. It was mentioned that this task could be a possible board positon where they dedicate their time to the Olympia Farmer’s Market and trying to see how we can get a honey vendor in for next year.

We have an upcoming event at the Nisqually Water Shed on September 30th, 2017 between 10 am and 4 pm. Stephanie told the club that this event is geared towards families and it allows us to educate them on bees and provide information to them.

Officer Reports:

Treasurer’s report David Bruun- Savings account- $4570.50, Checking account- $2711.52, cash on hand- $19.84. Mechele let the club know that we are adding $984.00 in cash from the sales of honey at the fair.

Dues are coming up to be paid so the total will increase.

Membership Chair Duane McBride- reported that we have 204 paid members currently.

Mechele let the club know that when Jack was first involved in the club that there were only 16 people in the beginning.

Eloise will be donating books to the club for our library.

Secretary report Shelby Albert- Nothing to report at this time.

Vice president Tim Weible- Mentioned to the club that the fair was a big hit and thanked everyone who volunteered and helped out to make it a success.


Governor’s mansion- Laurie let the club know that they will be re-queening one of the hives with a Laurie Miller Queen, Jeff and her will check it tomorrow to see if she survived the new placement. If not they are going to see if there is any way that they could combine with airport hive with the walk away spilt that they have.

Observation hive- Mechele wanted to know how they were able to keep the bees so calm and less stressed during the fair. The couple that manages the hives let us know that they ensured that the frames had honey and pollen to minimize stress by rotating queens to that box. They combined two colonies and transferred the queen successfully as they were not happy with the laying pattern.

Ron and Phil had the observation hive at the Grays Harbor; they only had a couple of issues with the hive. Some kid put his finger near the vent hole and got stung.

Grays Harbor had a lot of people as they are on the fair way which drew a lot of attention. Thank you to all who volunteered to help out.

Mechele gave a summary of the Thurston County Fair and how we did as a club on honey sales. We averaged 3 cases a day of a 12 oz. jar. We sold the 12 oz. jars for $7 each. The honey cost $1.80 a pound, 0.50 Cents per jar. We had assorted honey sitx which we sold for 4 for $1 and then we had a case of original honey for people that stopped by the booth to observe.

Currently the club provides the port with 30 pounds of honey. Our plan is to renegotiate with the port for honey. Typically the port auctions off the honey.

Mechele thanked Paul for allowing us to sell honey at the Thurston County Fair and also all the volunteers who helped out.

There were only a couple of signs sold while at the fair. There are a couple of garden groups that are interested in the signs.

Annie provided the club with an update on the Survey responses. She received 50 Survey responses back by email and phone. There was a lot of good feedback that was received to be used in the long term for our goals. She let us know that she was able to sit down and interview Jack and in 1968 he produced 32,000 pounds of comb honey. When he was first involved in the OBA there were only 16 members. Annie was wondering if any members knew exactly when the club originated. Someone mentioned 1990-1991.

Mechele let the club know that she has come across some old Beelines that use to get mailed out to members. Mechele wanted to know if we wanted to vote on putting the old Beelines on our website for members to view. Annie motioned that we vote to put the beelines on the website, David seconded the motion, all approved and the motion carried.

7:55pm Break

Phil let those members that ordered a bee gym that they were available for pick up during the break.

8:14 Raffle

8:21pm Meeting resumed

Mechele brought it to the clubs attention that our name on Beekeepers is two separate words not combined. We can file an Amendment with the Secretary of State to change the name for $20. This would allow consistency both for our UBI and Federal Identification Number.  Annie motioned that we spend the $20 to correct our name, Tim seconded the motion, motion carried to make the name change.

The OBA has its own phone number of 360-515-7274, it is $9 for unlimited extensions which will allow for people to call in to the direct line and choose to speak to the Vice president or the Treasurer. They can leave a voicemail which can then be transcribed into an email at no extra expense.

Software discussion- Mechele mentioned to the club about possibly looking into getting a software database that could help track inventory and members that we have. The database system is called Wild Apricot. This database would allow us to keep all the information, have an online inventory and could allow sending out mass emails to members of upcoming events and meetings. This program would allow up to 10 administrators. With this new database suggestion there is still some unsureness of how it will work and not a lot of people on board. We will discuss at another time once we can show how the program will benefit our association. We will try to establish a task force with a board member, non-board member and the website chair Nathan as to how our website can do the same functions as the new software.

Annie is going to work on our strategic plan as an association and present to the club so our members can vote on the plan.

Memberships were brought up again and that they should be good for a specific day an example would be that of dues begin paid June 1st to June 1st the following year.

Paul brought up that pro-rating the membership is mentioned in the by-laws and back in 2013 it was dues at the beginning of January and now the dues are due in August and there was not vote to accept that and no current rule for the membership dues.

At the next meeting we will hold the award selections once we are back at Chinook.

Meeting adjourned at 9:02pm




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