The Board is formalizing regular board meetings. We held our first quarter, goal setting board meeting in January. You can read the minutes for this here. we have decided to make sure we are holding these meetings quarterly. All members are welcome at these meetings, but they are designed to keep the association functioning and allow the board to discuss items that need attention.

When? Saturday, April 1st @ 11am.

Where? Swantown Inn, Grand Victorian Ballroom.



  • Approval of January Board Meeting minutes.
  • Refresher on the goals that were set from this meeting (Camy).
  • Bee Faire evaluation.
  • Membership, update from Catie.
  • Outreach
    • Ocean Shores Library
    • Yelm Pollinator Fair
  • Purchase of Honey (Nathan)
    • Purchase of bottles for purchased honey.
    • Allowance for members to add to a group purchase.
  • Newsletter update by Paul.
  • Club membership in State Organizations?
    • Membership were keen to support WASBA. Cost is $1 per member. Formalize?
      • Allows for us to submit for club of the year.
    • Should we do likewise for Washington State Master Beekeepers? If so cost?
  • New Business?