By-Laws and Governance

The Board is presenting the Membership Policy to the Membership for review at the April Club Meeting and calling for a vote for approval at the May Club Meeting.

It reads as follows:

Olympia Beekeepers Association

Membership Policy

  1. Membership Types

(a) Membership. Open to any individual/household who chooses to be a member of the club and pays the annual membership fee. Each membership is entitled to ONE vote in each voting occasion, including but not limited to motions, elections and by-law amendments. A membership covers the entire household regarding membership benefits. More than one person in a household may obtain their own membership and would then be entitled to their ONE vote.

(b) Honorary Membership. Extended to persons nominated by the Board of Directors for extraordinary service to Olympia Beekeepers Association, and approved by a majority of the general membership present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting. Honorary members do not have to pay annual dues and are considered lifetime memberships with voting rights and privileges of that of a membership.

Those listed below have been awarded Honorary Membership status:

  1. Kathy Miles
  2. Harvard Robbins
  3. Jack Roberson
  4. Charles Schafer
  5. Steve Sheppard
  6. Bob Smith
  7. Thurston County WSU Coop


  1. Annual Membership Dues

(a) Annual dues are $25 USD.

(b) Annual dues are to be renewed in January of each year.

(c) Annual dues amounts are to be set by the Board and can only be adjusted once annually and within one month after the January of the year as stated in paragraph 2.(b).

(d) Upon Board vote, the membership will be advised at the next general membership meeting.

  1. Membership Benefits

 (a) Voting rights as defined in the bylaws Article I.

(b) Temporary use of club owned equipment.

(c) Access to the OBA Library materials and resources.

(d) Can enroll in Master Beekeepers Classes / Meetings

(e) Eligible to hold office and serve on committee