Category: Updates

  • 2016 Bee Package and Queen Orders

    Greetings, I hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine and busy preparing hives for our upcoming delivery of package bees. The bees arrive late in the night of the 19th or early in the morning of the 20th. Package bee pick up begins on the morning of April 20th from 8:00am — 1:00pm. If you ordered […]

  • Thurston County Conservation District Annual Native Plant Sale

    Thinking about expanding your native pollinator forage offerings this season? Look no further than the Thurston County Conservation District Annual Native Plant Sale this Saturday, March 6th from 10-3:00 pm at the district office in Tumwater. There will be displays, special presentations and activities and while you’re there, stop by the OBA table and say […]

  • HB 2478 Critical Update

    Beekeepers: The time to act is now to improve bee forage and bee health in the state of Washington! Please contact your Senator on EHB 2478, and your Representatives about the bee research position at WSU, and do it soon! You can visit: Input your address for links to your Senator and Representatives. Click on […]

  • HB 2478 Has Passed!

    HB 2478 passed the House on a vote of 96-1! It was pulled from rules yesterday. We should let our representatives know we appreciate the Yes vote on this bill. The bee forage pilot project will help landowners know how to successfully replace noxious weeds with good bee forage. Every representative in the House voted […]

  • Beekeeping Links

    These are some links that the association regards as useful. Washington State Department of Agriculture Washington State Beekeepers Association BeeInformed Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation Home Depot Eco Options Beekeeping Naturally, Michael Bush Natural Resources Conservation Service – Insects and Pollinators Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center Bee Friendlier by Cascadian Farm Orga Creating Pollinator Gardens (Thanks […]