February 12th, 2018 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

February 12th, 2018

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Mechele.

Mark Emrich asked Mechele to speak to the club in regards to the House bill 2640. He encouraged all members to find out who their legislatures were in their district and ask them to support House Bill 2640. It is set to be sent to the Senate at 5 pm on Wednesday. This bill limits the liability to beekeepers across the state.

Mechele welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting and asked for any new people in attendance at the meeting to please stand. There was a total of nine people. For these new people Mechele had them introduce themselves to the club and let them know about the raffle during break time and refreshments offered.

Mechele asked the club if there were any changes or corrections to the January minutes. Duane motioned that the minutes be kept the same. Motioned seconded by Tim and motion carried unanimously.


Officers Reports:

Secretary’s Report Shelby: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report David Bruun: Checking account $4,662.87, Savings account $4571.19 and cash on hand $10.55.

Vice President Tim Weible: Tim shared some cool examples of mason bees that he found while processing them during the fall. He passed the examples for club members to see. Also, he talked about Samuel Ramsey who is trying to figure out about the Varroa Mite problem. He read two paragraphs from Bee Culture about his recent findings. Also, Glen Buschman has sent in some mason bee reeds that he would like to give to members. If members were interested to come see Tim at the break.

Membership Chair Duane: 42 paid members last month and its under 50 as of the current meeting.



Chair Reports:

Airport Hive: Frank let the club know that all five hives are alive. He is currently in collaboration with the Port about their Trails that they own and what they can do to get a pollinator spot for some hives. He is going to see what it would take to host/sponsor with a pollinator spot with/for the Olympia Beekeepers Association.

Mansion Bees: Laurie let the club know that all hives at the Governors mansion had perished. One of the hives had dark fecal matter on it so they sent samples to WSU and they are just awaiting on the lab report. The Inslee’s would like to try again with hives.

Education Committee Bob: Bob and Gail passed out certificates to those people who completed the Apprenticeship Course through the Olympia Beekeepers Association.

Mentorship Kitty and Roger: Roger let the club know that it is a new year with 2018 and they are always looking for mentors for new students. He said last year 30 to 31 people went through the program. People looking for a member can sign up and fill out an application at the meeting and we will line you up with a mentor at the meeting.

Paul let the club know that Washington State Beekeepers have new requirements for obtaining your different ratings as a beekeeper. In past years WASBA had a flat fee from your Apprenticeship to Master rating which was $20. The new fees are $20 for Apprenticeship and be a member of a local bee organization. $30 for Journeyman and must be a member of WASBA to be certificated. $50 for Master and must be a member of WASBA to be certificated. As an instructor a person must be a paid member of WASBA to teach and be at least a Journeymen level.

Kitty proposed that the WASBA membership be paid for by the club if they are teaching/instructing a course. Tim seconded. Mechele opened the floor for discussion among the club in regards to when members are teaching a class that their dues to the state will be reimbursed. Mechele motioned that the club reimburse for members to be reimbursed the cost of being a member of WASBA to teach. Laurie seconded the motion and the motion carried unanimously.

Prison Project- Gail and Laurie are starting a new apprenticeship class in Shelton.

Laurie spoke to the club about and upcoming project at McNeil Island. McNeil Island is interested in putting hives out there to manage. Laurie is looking for people to help be apart of the management team. If you are a journeymen level beekeeper and are interested please give your personal information to Laurie.

Mechele gave a Thank you to Ashely and Duane for all the help at the adult swim event at the Hands-on Children’s museum. If you have never been before she recommends going as it was a blast.

Mechele let the club know that after the break Charles Shaffer would be talking about package bees and the prices and when to expect them.

Tim also made an announcement that he was giving a Mason Bee Seminar February 24th from 10 am to Noon at Eastside Urban Farm and Garden.

Break at 7:38 pm. Refreshments provided and raffle tickets sold.

7:58 pm Raffle started.

8:00 pm- Charles Schaffer did a presentation on Winter Beekeeping and package information.

Package prices are as follows:

3-pound package: $135

4-pound package: $155

Delivery will be to Mechele’s house late on the 19th of April, pick up time will be announced at a later date.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm





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