January 8th, 2018 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

January 8th, 2018

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm by Mechele.

Mechele asked the club if there were any changes or corrections to the November minutes. Tim motioned that the minutes be kept the same. Motioned seconded by David and motion carried unanimously.

Mechele asked for any new people in attendance at the meeting to please stand. There were a total of two people. For these new people Mechele had them introduce themselves to the club.

Mechele also welcomed back Kitty and Roger from there trip that they had and asked them to share later on in the meeting about where they went and the experience. Also Mechele let the club know that we will be presenting the award for Beekeeper of the Year and the Mark Savage Lifetime Achievement award later in the meeting.

Officers Reports:

Secretary’s Report Shelby: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report David Bruun: Checking account $4440.92, Savings account $4570.96 and cash on hand $22.83.

Vice President Tim Weible: Tim shared that he will be giving a Mason Bee Seminar on Saturday February 24th from 10 am to Noon at Eastside Urban Farm and Garden. To reserve your spot for this seminar please stop by the store and get your name added to the list as space is limited.

Membership Chair Duane: 46 paid members.

Chair Reports:

Airport Hive: Frank let the club know that they currently have 5 hives that are alive. The hives consist of 2 double deep hives, 2 hives were from packages in 2017 both had double deeps and the last hive was a walk away split that has a single deep on it. He will be having a meeting with the airport manager in the near future to discuss the expansion of the pollination area which would allow for more hives.

Observation Hive: Mareen and Alex let the club know that one of hives that they used for observation last year was infected with European Foul Brood. They did the correct test to check and burned frames and materials that would have been contaminated.

Mansion Bees: Laurie let the club know that they have sugar cakes on the hives and they have 2 hives currently at the mansion. One hive is weaker than the other one but she is confident that it will make it through the winter. The second hive is doing well and they are continuing to manage.

Education Committee Bob: Bob let the club know that the next Journeymen class will be the Monday after next in the Library at Chinook Middle School. In order to take part in the class a person must have completed and received a certificate from the Apprenticeship program. A journeyman is acquired after three years of experience.

Mentorship Kitty and Roger: Kitty spoke to the club about their recent Safari in Africa in the Tanzania region. They say some wild beehives high up in the trees and they also went to the Ethiopia market where people were selling honey from big buckets. Also she provided the club with data from the Mentorship Coordinator program. In 2017 they matched 23 Apprentices with a mentor. 2016 they matched 19 Apprentices with a mentor. 2015 they matched 31 Apprentices with a mentor. 2014 they matched 22 Apprentices with a mentor. 2013 they matched 18 Apprentices with a mentor and in 2012 they matched 15 Apprentices with a mentor.

Paul let the club know that Washington State Beekeepers are currently working on adopting a new curriculum and booklet for the Apprenticeship and Journeyman level. They are hopeful to have it approved in February. If you would like to look at what the new book will be like please feel free to take a look at the break.

Ernie gave us a report on the sustainability group and what they would like to see or do to help the member of our club. The group talked about queen rearing and learning how to do it and doing it for the club possibly. Also talking of the availability of a wood shop for members to use to make their boxes and frames for those that don’t have access to one. They also thought of the idea of nucs. Being able to provide nucs for club members locally. A major idea they thought about was starting a blog and video recording different skills such as splits and being able to post it for other members to see what is done. They also have the idea of having a demonstrator hive that they could have somewhere where members could come and they could get hand’s on experience practicing what they are learning and gain extra experience.

Mechele let the club know that longtime member Roger McMaster passed away on Christmas day. Also, she informed the club that Kim Knust will be publishing the beeline as she as done it before.

Rich Kalman a bee club member is selling all of his beekeeping equipment due to his severe bee allergy.

Vice President Tim Weible presented the Beekeeper of the Year Award to Frank Scolaro and the Mark Savage Lifetime Achievement Award to Paul Longwell. He said both of these members were well deserving of their awards.

Mark Emrich spoke to the club and let me know a little bit about who Mark Savage. He put in over a 100 of hours to the club and offered wood working parties. He also helped tremendously with the bee orders for the club. He was tragically killed in a car accident. The board asked they the award be named in his memory.

Break at 7:54 pm. Refreshments provided and raffle tickets sold.

8:21 pm Raffle started.

Mechele let the club know that packages will be coming soon. The prices should be disseminated next month. Charles Schafer will talk to the club next month in regards to the package bee orders.

Laurie spoke to the club about the Annual Green Conference. This is where kids are nominated by teachers for this experience. It will be on Wednesday March 28th. They have break out stations in the afternoon where the kids have an opportunity to learn about bees and they have handouts.

Mechele mentioned how the Christmas party had a great turn out and thanked the decoration committee for such a great job.

Mechele invited Ernie up to talk to the club about how do you know if you need a package or not for the current year.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41pm.



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