July 10th, 2017 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

July 10th, 2017

The Lutheran Church of The Good Shepherd


Meeting was called to order at 7:15pm.

Mechele asked members if they all received the minutes which were broadcasted on the website. The secretary’s minutes for the June meeting were recorded as written, no corrections.

Officers Report:

Membership Chair Duane McBride- reported that we had 200 paid members as of the meeting.

Treasurer’s report David Bruun- Savings account $4570.39, Checking $3782.61 and cash on hand $19.84.

Vice president Tim Weible- Nothing new to report at time of meeting

Secretary Shelby Albert- nothing to report at time of meeting

Mechele said that the Beeline went out the morning of the meeting. It was asked if the email list is updated with new members email to receive the Beeline.

Mechele asked the club if they all were at the previous meeting to know who Annie our intern was, some did not know who or what she was doing. Mechele asked Annie to give a brief description as to what she is doing for the club.

Annie explained that she is working on gathering data from board member surveys and general member surveys to gather insight to help the club determining a 2 year and 5 year strategic plan.


Past President Laurie spoke to the club about the Governor’s mansion bee project. The hives were doing very well and building up nicely. Supers were added to the hives a couple of weeks ago.

Laurie also asked the club if any of the members have heard the news from Beyond Pesticide. The Department of Ecology is requesting to spray a neonicotinoid out on the Willipa Bay Oyster Farm. The spray would be used to help with getting rid of the burrowing shrimp that can kill the oysters. There will be a public forum opening soon to have people make comments on the issue and express how the feel about the spray. The more vocal we can be the better it will help. So please make a comment when the public forum opens.

Swarm List- Gail- The swarm calls that she has been getting are for swarms that are 40 to 50 feet in the air.

Also she talked about potentially starting a Journeyman class. She wants to get an idea of how many people have serious interest in attending. It would start in September and run one time a month. For those that were definitely interested in the program were to write their name on a list at the break. In order to take the Journeyman class a person/member must be finished with their Apprenticeship course. It takes 3 years to get Journeyman status, the fair can count as hours needed towards reaching that goal.

Observation Hive: They received 2 packages back in April to start the hives off. They were able to split the hives to make 4 hives now. They have a lot of different things happening in the hives which will make great comparisons. They also said if any members have frames they would like to loan for the fairs coming up that would be greatly appreciated.

Volunteers are still needed to help at the Grays Harbor Fair which runs from August 9th through the 13th.

Nathan spoke on Paul’s behalf for the Thurston County Fair. Volunteers are needed tremendously for this event. If you have signed up please see him to get tickets and packets of how to open and close the booth.

Also, Nathan mentioned about the Beeline that if you go to the website and subscribe to the newsletter and it won’t let you do it that means you are already getting it. If you don’t receive be sure to check your spam folder.

Airport Hives- Frank reported that these hives are very successful. They are up to 5 hives know which include one walk away split that they did. He will be harvesting honey in the near future from supers that are on these hives. After harvesting the honey they will do an alcohol wash to check for mites and that will be all for the harvesting season. If any members have any spare hardware, especially supers, please let Frank know.

Glen told members that being a part of the county fair is fun. Mostly questions asked are where the queen is and can I have a honey stix. He also mentioned that the tubes of concrete used to secure the tents are missing and if someone has them please just drop them off at Mechele’s house.

Mechele also said again that this is an all call for any equipment, hardware or any other items that were borrowed from the club to be turned in so we can do inventory. Also, if anyone can make weights for the tents as well would be great.

Mechele formally introduced to the club the co-chairs of the sustainability group which are Thomas Mani and Ernie Schmidt. They both spoke a little bit about what the group is used for. Ernie told the members that at their meeting tonight they discussed what everyone had done for splits and how successful they were. Ernie also said that they had a member show a vertical swarm trap that they had made. Thomas said that this group helps to share experiences and stories to help members be successful.

Mechele let the OBA members know that Paul Longwell is President of the Fair board. We are now able to take money for signs and honey at the fair Paul and Laurie were able to get the fee waived. We also were able to get a square and chip reader from our merchant services at the bank to take credit cards. We will have local wildflower honey for sale. The sole purpose to selling these items is to build up our revenue for the club.

Paul was able to get a write up in The Olympian about the Olympia Beekeepers Association selling signs and honey at the fair. Our booth was named the Agricultural Choice for the Year at the fair. No food handlers cards are needed to sell the honey.

The summer picnic was mentioned to the club about wanting to have one this year either in the evening into dusk or on a Saturday weekend. Also National Honey Bee Day is August 19th or 20th. It would be great to celebrate this as well at our picnic.

Bob Bennett will speak after the break about entries into the state fair.

7:56pm Break

Meeting resumed at 8:20 pm.

Mechele let the club know that we are still accepting nominations for the Beekeeper of the Year award and the Mark Savage Award. Nominations will be accepted until after the next bee meeting. Are hope is to hand out the awards at our summer picnic.

Bob Bennett talked to the club about the honey show at the state fair. Members can go to thefair.com to get the guidelines and fill out the online entry for the fair. There 13 varieties to enter into at the state fair. The dates to bring up entries are August 29th 10 am to 8 pm and August 30th 8 am to 8 pm. Judging will take place August 31st and there is not participation in judging from the public. Judges are already picked out and have criteria that they base their decision on. Ribbons will be given out and awarded that day and contestants notified. The state fair runs from September 1st through the 24th closed Tuesdays and the 6th. The 24th is the last day to release the entries back to the proper contestants. There are different categories that a member can enter into.  There are 9 different categories for honey which must be entered in a one pound queen line jar for judging. Members could also enter comb honey, chuck honey, pollen and wax. The bee exhibit will be in the J barn where the sheep and wool use to be.

Andy is the state fair coordinator and at next month’s meeting he will have a sign-up sheet and tickets for those who volunteer. Shifts are 4 hours and free parking.

There are calendars up at the front table that helps explain what your bees are doing at different months of the year and what you should be doing to help them during that month. Also what you can be doing to prepare for what’s coming next.

Prison outreach program is going well. We will be adding the Washington Corrections Center to the list to start a class in October. You have to be a journeyman in order to teach a class. Paul had 25 prison members in his class.

Mechele also mentioned that we are working on creating fast track courses that will be 2 different quarters for 6 weeks. VP Tim Weible addressed more of what this would entail as he would be the teacher for this course. It would be at an off-site location with one 6 week course, (one night per week), in the Fall and one 6 week course, (one night per week), in the Spring. If you are interested in this course or questions please ask Tim.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45pm.





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