June 12th, 2017 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

June 12th, 2017

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:08pm.

Mechele made the announcement that the Beeline did not go before the meeting. Secretary’s minutes from the May meeting were recorded as written, no corrections.

Officers Report:

Treasurer’s report David Bruun: Savings account $4,570.20, Checking account $3754.87 and cash on hand was $17.84

Membership Chair Duane McBride- As of the meeting we have 190 paid members which is still the highest membership OBA has had.

Vice President Tim Weible: Mentioned that he is working on getting a new education program started with the OBA. Also he talked about the new canopies that he bought for the club use.

Mechele made an all call for anybody that has OBA equipment to bring it to the meeting or return it to Mechele.

Secretary Shelby- none to report

Mentorship Roger and Kitty- Told the club that we could use more mentors.

Swarm List- Gail: Gail reported that only 4 swarm calls were made.

Library- Ernie mentioned that if you have a book out from the library to be sure to return it.

Fair update- Paul stated that OBA members have 49 days to get their honey jars ready for judging at the fair. Jars are due to the fair on August 1st. August 2nd the fair starts. There is a sign up sheet for time slots on the white board.

Past President Laurie Pyne- There are pollinator signs available for sale. The small signs are $15 and the large are $20.

Glen talked about the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) event at East Olympia Elementary. There are 50 to 60 booths and kids can stay as long or as short as they would like to at each booth. They have the observation hive there for a visual aid. Also Glen mentioned that those people who ordered native pollinator posters they are in.

The native pollinator group is having a special speaker on Prairie Pollinators.


Observation Hive- There are currently 2 observation hives, they are able to put the hives on a lazy susan to allow it to spin around easily. The contact information of  how to borrow the observation hive is on the website.

Governor Mansion: Laurie reported that they are alive and they plan on checking them this week. One hive is producing and growing faster than the other one.

Airport- No one present for report

Paul also mentioned that 17 Cedar Creek inmates have graduated from the Apprenticeship Beekeeping Class. They are currently working on starting a program at McNeil Island. He has an idea to raise queens out there and teach the inmates how to produce queens. Laurie mentioned that they have to take into consideration what type of forage is out there for the bees. Neither the hives nor the queens would be within the prison itself.

Duane and Mechele will be starting an Apprenticeship Program at the Shelton Correctional Facility.

Mechele asked that any new people at the meeting to please stand, 8 new people were in attendance.

Also, if you ordered a bee gym they are in and you can see Phil for pick up.

Old Business: None to report

New Business:

We are still in need of items for the baskets for the state fair. There is one adult and one youth basket. Items can be anything bee related. Laurie has made these baskets in the past.

The July and August OBA meeting will be held at the Good Shepherd Church across from the Olympia High School.

The Hands on Children Museum is in need of volunteers from June 26th to June 30th from 9 am to 12 pm with a presentation on bees.

Mechele talked about accepting nominations for Beekeeper of the Year and Mark Savage Lifetime Achievement Award.

Gail spoke to club in regards to the difference between the two awards. The Beekeeper of the Year award is someone over this year that has been active in the club.

The Mark Savage Award is someone who has contributed through the membership in many ways and spent a significant amount of time working for the club.

Dewey Caron had books for sale at the break.

Mechele introduced Annie to club. Annie is our new intern who is working on her Master’s Program at Evergreen in Strategic Analysis and Planning. She talked to the club about what she plans on doing to help the club. She will be conducting surveys and interviews to gather data to help develop the club 2 year strategic plan first and then on a 5 year plan.

Mechele thanked everyone who attended the open session the past week to help with new ideas going forward.

7:30 Break

After the break Dewey Caron will be talking about the Honey bee losses and over winterization.

Ron talked to the club in regards to the Grays Harbor fair and is in need of volunteers to help staff the booth. The fair runs from August 9th to the 13th.

8:00 Dewey Caron spoke in regards to Data from the over winterization and what your plan is going to be.

Meeting was adjourned at  9:15 pm.






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