Looking for new home: Three Hives

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Pam would like to find a new home for some hives. 10 Frame Langstroth Hives.

I don’t know where the bees originated. Two colonies were swarms from last year. The third one is a swarm from this year . I was planning on getting rid of the bees earlier in the spring and sold all of my equipment so the new swarm is in 2 old deeps. One colony is 1 deep brood chamber ,1 medium and 2 semis. The third colony has 1 medium and 3 shallows. Most of the supers are older. The lids have metal covers and the bottom boards are screened. I did work the bees on Friday. Hive #1 is strong enough to make a split if you are inclined. Hive #2 is the swarm.There are 7 frames of brood. Hive #3 is queenless. There was no evidence of a laying worker so I put fresh brood in. There were 5 queen cups so I am hoping they will raise a new queen. I have had success with it in the past. The colony could also be requeened but I have not had great success with imported queens.  I live in South Prairie. If anyone in your club is interested they can call me. 360-897-8537.

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