March12th, 2018 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

March 12th, 2018

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:12 pm by Mechele.

Mechele welcomed everyone to tonight’s meeting and asked for any new people in attendance at the meeting to please stand. There was a total of seven people. For these new people Mechele had them introduce themselves to the club and let them know about the raffle during break time and refreshments offered.

Mechele asked the club if there were any changes or corrections to the February minutes. No one had any changes or corrections to make so she asked to move to adopt the minutes, no objections. Minutes were published without revision


Officers Reports:

Secretary’s Report Shelby: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report David Bruun: Checking account $5,164.54, Savings account $4571.30 and cash on hand $12.55.

Vice President Tim Weible: Told the club that the Mason Bee Pollinator Seminar that was held at Eastside Urban Farm and Garden went very well. They set a cap of 30 people for the class and 53 people attended the seminar. Also, he told the club that he was going to be starting an Accelerated Apprenticeship Class that will start in April. If anyone is interested to please speak to Shelby at the break.

Membership Chair Duane: 64 paid members last month and its close to 80 members now after bee orders were taken.



Chair Reports:

Airport Hive: Frank let the club know that all five hives are alive and as of the meeting he was doing maintenance and collecting data from one of the hives that they have a sensor on. He also let us know that the Port of Olympia has offered Olympia Beekeepers Association a garden spot on the Billy Frank Jr Trail. We can have any spot along the trail for zero dollars. All the cost would be for plants and some labor. The thought was to plant plants that would help promote pollinator, this could be done with either a landscaper or from memebers. Frank proposed to the club that someone take on the Pollinator Garden for OBA, as he is full with the airport hives. If anyone wants to champion and join the Pollinator Garden their will be a sign up sheet up front at the break.

Mansion Bees: Laurie spoke in regards to the Mansion Bees and they are still waiting for the lab results but she has had several long conversations with Dewey Caron and it more points to Noesima. There is also a Colony Collapse Disorder pattern as well throughout one of the hives. They plan on trying again and maybe this year work on giving the packages a jump start.

Education Committee Bob and Gail: Gail let the club know that the Journeyman class has started again and they meet every third Monday from 6 pm to 8 pm at the Chinook Middle School Library. They are welcoming new members. Bob let the club know that he spoke with Paul to see if they’re was a Journeyman book ready for classes. He said their was so they got 23 copies of the book. The cost is $20. The apprenticeship book is released only temporary as it is still going though the final stages of spelling errors.

Mentorship Kitty and Roger: Roger let the club know that they had 10 new people looking for a mentor to help them. Roger and Kitty spent some time assigning new beekeepers with mentors to make contact while at the meeting.

Prison Project- Stafford Creek currently will have 26 to 30 people the next round of teaching. There is a waiting list between 50 -57 for the next round.

Observation Hive: They still have the two-original hives that they received from the club. They are feeding the bees and rendering down old wax and are ready for tour once it gets warmer.

Laurie spoke to the club about and upcoming project at McNeil Island. McNeil Island is interested in putting hives out there to manage. Laurie is looking for people to help be apart of the management team. If you are a journeymen level beekeeper and are interested please give your personal information to Laurie.

Mechele let the club know that Charles Shaffer is taking package bees orders in the hallway. Bees will be delivered the evening of the 19th to Mechele’s house. The disbursement of packages will be April 20th from 8 am to 5 pm. They are planning an installation demo sometime between 10 am and 11 am. March 25th is the last day to order package bees.

Mechele also let the club know that Harvard is selling Nucs. Harvard let the club know that the nucs are five frames either Carneolian or Italian. If you get your order in now the nucs will be here around the middle of April. The nucs are $120 and he is off of Exit 124 just south of JBLM.

Mark filled the club in on the House bill 2640 made it to the floor but didn’t go through in time. There was just to many political issues that had to be addressed first so they time just ran out on the bill. He thanked all the members that took the time to reach out and call their legislature as it truly helped to make a little bit of a difference.

Member Sharing: A member brought in a couple of frames from her 1st year of beekeeping at the end of the year and they had starved to death as their little bottoms were sticking out of the holes and heads buried in the frame.

Break at 7:52 pm. Refreshments provided and raffle tickets sold.

8:20 pm Raffle started.

David announced that at April’s Meeting Dewey Caron will be the speaker and he will go over Bee statistics

Meeting adjourned at 8:29 pm





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