May 14th OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

May 14th, 2018

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Mechele.

Mechele let the club know that there will be no raffle tonight as we do not have any tickets as Duane was not present tonight.

Mechele ran through the agenda of the meeting that we would be taking nominations for all board positions. Also, the proposed by laws will be passed out for members to look at and the by law committee will be presenting those. Mechele gave a big thank you to the by law committee for all of the hard work they have done to produce the by laws. The by-laws are not up for open discussion at this meeting they are for members to take and review and come to the June meeting with any changes. Mechele let the club know that we will have a presenter and then a break and during the break the ballots can be put up front in the ballot box. Mechele asked for three to four volunteers to count the ballots after the break. The announcement of officers will be presented at the end of the meeting.

Mechele had Tim introduce the presenter who was Israel Marquez. He thanked Ernie and Thomas for a great job at the sustainability group.

Israel talked about how he compresses hives to make nucs. He went from 4 hives to 200 in one year. His company name is Pacific Coast Bee Supply. He does not sell supplies just mostly bees. Mechele thanked Israel for the presentation.

Mechele let the club know that she held off on nominations as she knew that a member wanted to run for a position and they had to be there to accept the nomination. Nominations proceeded once she arrived.

Mechele opened the floor for nominations. Mechele made a motion for Frank to be president. Seconded by Maria, Frank accepted the nomination and gave a one-minute presentation as to why he is running.

Maria made a motion to nominate Israel for Vice President, seconded by Shelby and Israel accepted the nomination. He gave a quick background on him and why he is running.

Colleen made a motion to nominate Caitlyn for Secretary, seconded by Ashley and Caitlyn accepted the nomination and provided the membership with a brief presentation of why she would like to be secretary.

David let the membership know that he would like to run for another year as Treasurer, Maria seconded David’s motion. No other nominations for Treasurer.

Gail let the club know that Phil would like to be Membership Coordinator but he could not be present at the meeting to accept the nominations. Frank and Tammy verbally told the membership that he can confirm that he would accept the nomination. Kitty moved to hold the Membership Coordinator vote next month, seconded by David and motion carried unanimously.

Motion was made on the floor to unanimously accept all position since there were no other opposing people. Motion declined by President.

Meeting went for break at 8:13 pm

Mechele called the meeting back at 8:23pm.

Mechele asked for Officer reports.

Vice President Tim Weible- Let the club know that Alan Woods from Woods Bee Company would be the speaker for the June Meeting and he would be talking about queen rearing. The accelerated course will have its last class on Tuesday May 15th, 2018 since the last meeting and will have 26 more Apprentice beekeepers. He also let the club know that he went on Bee Cruises to different places to expose the class to different experiences. The graduation for the class will be taking place next month.

Mechele thanked Tim for ordering/making plaques with the clubs registered hive number to put on all of our Beehives.

Secretary report: None to report

Treasurer’s Report David Bruun: Checking account- $3650.19, Savings account - $4571.53, Cash on hand - $12.55

Membership Coordinator Duane: Not present for report

Mentorship Kitty and Roger- They are still looking for mentors and with the new Apprenticeship class with 26 new people they will need them.

Librarian Ernie- The library has over 100 books and he is trying to come up with an easier way to let people get books without having to carry around a ton of weight on the cart. He also let the club know that the sustainability group was talking about the Varroa Mite and his article he would be writing.

Education Chair Bob- none to report

Mechele let the club know that Paul ran the bee booth at the fair and is on the fair board. Mechele asked Paul to come and speak to the club. Paul let the club know that he will not be running the fair booth anymore. It is up to one of the members to take it over. He will help with getting that person started. The fair is the first Wednesday in August to Sunday. Israel let the club and Paul know that he will make the fair happen and do whatever it takes to make it work.

Mechele asked Dixon to come and speak about McNeil Island project. He let the club know that him ad 5 others are helping with this project and they will be putting three colonies on the island.

Airport Hive- Frank let the club know that he knows has six hives they caught a puppy swarm and all are doing well. He let Colleen have the rest of his time as she came up with a design for the pollinator garden at Port of Olympia. The garden spot would be 70 feet by 20 feet. All the plants that are in the garden would be great for caterpillar, butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. She will be finding out what the approximate cost will be and they are hopeful to get some nurseries to sponsor. The garden will be in bloom from March to November.

Mechele’s report was last. She let the club know that package bee pick up was a great success and went very smoothly. She thanked Phil, Duane and Maureen for bringing samples of OA for members to take and try on their hives. Dewey is currently working on analyzing his data from the recent survey and he will be back to present that information. The fair is coming up and the club makes two baskets for the baking contest. We ask for any donations that are honey related or bee related.

She also gave a thank you to Annie for the analysis she did and providing the club with a five-year strategic plan.

Mansion hives- the north hive is strong and the south is a little weaker but overall doing well. The hives are on First Lady Trudi Inslee Facebook page.

Mechele then let David come up on behalf of the By Law committee to speak about the By-laws. He believes that they have a good set of by laws to move the club forward. He let they club know that back in March the club was handed a set of proposed by laws that they based their work off of as well as the other versions they had. He also informed the club that to keep the by-laws small they have a by-law document and 9 documents that outline polices and procedures which are separate. The election date will be November instead of April as Spring is more of a busy time for people with hives and fall/ winter is slower and better to make transition. The new officers will be voted on in November but won’t take office until January to go along with the fiscal year. The new by laws have 7 elected officers as opposed to 5 in current set. The new by-laws propose to add the educational chair and the outreach/communications chair.

Kitty the ballot volunteer read the number of votes. We had 55 members vote and the new elected officers are President: Frank Scolaro, Vice President: Israel Marquez, Secretary: Caitlyn and Treasurer: David Bruun.

Mechele adjourned meeting at 9:06 pm