November 13th, 2017 OBA Meeting Minutes

Olympia Beekeepers Association

November 13th, 2017

Chinook Middle School


Meeting called to order at 7:14 pm by Mechele.

Mechele asked the club if there were any changes or corrections to the October minutes. Lynn motioned that the minutes be kept the same. Motioned seconded by Duane and motion carried unanimously.

Mechele asked for any new people in attendance at the meeting to please stand. There were a total of six people. For these new people Mechele let them know that we have raffle items during the break that they can by tickets for. Also, she informed them that Roger and Kitty are the chairs for mentorship and can help them get connected with a mentor near them.

Officers Reports:

Secretary’s Report Shelby: Nothing to report

Treasurer’s report David Bruun: Checking account $4419.95, Savings account $4570.85 and cash on hand $22.83.

Vice President Tim Weible: Tim shared that is a mentor for one of his students from Centralia College and they were having a hard time with wasps. He let the club know that he used the hard-yellow plastic cone wasp traps that have a pool in the bottom. With the pool in the bottom of the trap Tim uses a mixture of either apple or orange juice and sugar mixed together. With this mixture left out for one night it was completely full with wasps. The mixture can typically last a week and cost between $11-13 at Ace hardware. He passed around the cylinder cone with wasps in it, a magnifying glass and a wasp index that helps determine what type of wasp you have. He wanted to see what the clubs guess was. These traps are reusable year after year and should be put out anywhere from January to March to catch the queen.

Mechele sent birthday wishes to Laurie as it was her birthday. Also, she thanked Stephanie for taking care of the Facebook page. She said a big thank you to Cathy for taking care of all the snacks for our meetings. Thanks, was given to Anne for working hard on putting together our strategic plan as a club. The by-law committee hopes to have them complete and ready by Christmas.

Membership Chair Duane: 76 paid members. Also, he let the members know that we have ballots for Beekeeper of the Year and the Mark Savage Lifetime Achievement Award to be voted on during the break so this award can be given at our Christmas party. Also, Mechele and Duane had dropped from being voted on.

Chair Reports:

Airport Hive: Frank was not available for report.

Observation Hive: Mareen and Alex were absent for report.

Mansion Bees: Mark told the club of a recent event that was held at the Governors Mansion. The Governor and Governor First Lady were in attendance at this event were 80 6 oz bottles of honey were made from the hives at the Mansion. The Governor designed and manufactured his own label called “Dome Comb.” The hives are doing really well. There is one hive that we are feeding right now as it is a little lighter but that will be coming off with in the next week. The hives are part of the Capitol tour.

Education Committee Bob and Gail: They handed out their Apprenticeship certificates for the Washington State Beekeepers. Bob mentioned that the Journeyman class will be held at the Chinook Middle School Library next Monday from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Ernie gave us a report on the library that he didn’t bring it because it was to wet to transport. Also, he provided a review of what was discussed in the sustainability group. The group talked about hornets, queens, varroa mites, drones and worker bees. Also, they talked about beekeeping in the winter and do you insulate or ventilate.

Glen let the club know that if you are interested in him starting up again with his Native Pollinator to let him know.

Mechele introduced Paul to the club as part of the Thurston County Fair board and as part of the Sustainably in prisons project.

Also, there are t-shirts and sweatshirts that were for sale.

Mechele let the club know that the board decided to pilot an accelerated course for the Apprenticeship with the Washington Master Beekeepers and they were having their Celebration of Knowledge with 8 total graduates. The next accelerated course will begin in April.

David talked to the club in regards to the Christmas Party that will be held during our regular meeting on December 11th. There will be a raffle during the party and each member of the household if attending needs to bring an item for the raffle under $20. The club typically does 2 turkeys and a ham, table decorations are needed. Other members are asked to bring side dishes. 6 pm will be the social hour and 7 pm will be eating.

Break at 8:05 pm. Refreshments provided and raffle tickets sold.

8:32 pm Raffle started.

After the raffle we had Kevin Mills speak a beekeeper for Rochester who produces nucs. He spoke to the club as to who he was and a little bit about his operation and how he got started.

9:00 pm meeting adjourned.



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