Ordering and Purchasing Bees

The Olympia Beekeepers Association Board has decided that as of 2019 we are no longer going to facilitate a large bulk order of packages. Instead, we will provide information on where you can purchase packages or nucleus hives. We will also update prices as they are provided as well as any discounts given to OBA Members.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email us at secretary@olympiabeekeepers.org.

These locations are listed in alphabetic order and not by recommendation.

Business Name: Beeline of Washington

Address: 19019 Moon Rd. SW, Rochester, WA 98579

Phone Number: (360) 280-5274


Email: beelineofwa@norcell.us


Additional Information from Seller: We bring Italian and Carniolan bees in packages or nucs from CA each spring for our customers. These need to be preordered. We supply queens from CA throughout the summer.

Business Name: Dolce Bella Bees

Address: 7415 276th St E, Graham, WA 98338

Phone Number: (253) 380-2327


Email: Alisa Shorey- shoreyhousehold@hotmail.com

Alternative Contact: Andy Matelich at 253-683-0789 Best Method of communication is via text.


Additional Information from Seller: Offering only packages in 2020. The bees are Golden Italians from California. Payment is due on April 1, 2020. Prices are estimated to be between $125 and $140 depending on Breeder. Prices will be finalized after receipt of known cost.There will be drop-offs at Dixon’s and at the Graham address, above.

Business Name: Miller Compound Honey Bees & Agriculture, LLC (Lauri Miller)


Phone Number: (253) 843-1319

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Miller-Compound-HoneyBees-and-Agriculture-256954971040510/

Email: jloutdoors@aol.com


Additional Information from Seller: WA bred & raised queens & bees, VSH, Carniolan, Hybrids

Business Name: Mountain Rain Bee Products (Lincoln Mettler)

Address: 12305 28th St. Ct. E., Edgewood, WA 98372

Phone Number: (253) 826-3103 or Cell: (253) 330-4689

Website: mettlerfamily@comcast.net



Additional Information from Seller: 5 frame, 10 frame and 20 frame hives available in spring are from over wintered hives. May also have Old Sol queens available in the spring.  Locally raised queens available in late spring and summer

Business Name: Olympic Wilderness Apiary (Dan & Judy Harvey)

Address: 46492 Hwy 112, Port Angeles, WA 98363

Phone Number: (360) 928-3125

Website: www.wildernessbees.com

Email: harbees@olypen.com


Additional Information from Seller: LOCAL PACIFIC NORTHWEST BRED WILD SURVIVOR QUEENS DISEASE RESISTANT & MITE TOLERANT:  CAUCASIAN- VSH -RUSSIAN -FERAL HYBRIDS Since 1997 we have conducted accelerated natural selection from feral colonies captured in the remote Olympic Peninsula rainforests. Our chemical and antibiotic-free stock demonstrates sustainability against many of the pathogens threatening honeybees today. Queens are available July through September.  We also offer good clean used equipment.

Business Name: QBirds n’ Bees Vashon (David Skrzypek)

Address: Vashon Island, WA

Phone Number: (206) 463-4424

Website: Birdsandbeesvashon.com

Email: dacypher@comcast.net


Additional Information from Seller: Raised in the cradle of Puget Sound, we offer a limited quantity of overwintered, open-mated Russian hybrid queens and nucs. Our beekeeping is always chemical-free. Pick-up only. Vashon Island, part of unincorporated King County, is accessible by ferry and sits conveniently between West Seattle, Tacoma and greater Port Orchard. 18 years of beekeeping experience. Please email or call to order.

Business Name: Rainy Day Bees (Peter Notle)

Address:Seattle, WA

Phone Number: 206-519-8505

Website: rainydaybees.com

Email: peter@rainydaybees.com


Additional Information from Seller: Rainy Day Bees provides top quality nucleus hives from Golden West Apiaries, run by Eric Oliver. All nucleus hives contain 5 frames of bees, brood, honey, and a queen that was raised and mated in the nucleus hive. We have been using the Olivers’ bees in our own apiaries for five years, and have had great success with these California mountain bees. We also produce and sell local queens and nucleus hives, raised in the Seattle area, throughout the spring and summer. We are generally one of the first groups to pick up from Golden West Apiaries. Delivery date varies annually based on weather. Last year the bees were ready at the beginning of May (very wet, cold spring). In 2018 we were able to pick them up in early April. If there is sufficient sales volume from your club, we can arrange a special drop off for you on our way north. The Oliver nucs are $240. If I do come down to one of your meetings, I can offer an in-person discount of $10, bringing the price down to $230 at that meeting.

Business Name: Robbins Honey Farm (Harvard Robbins)

Address: 7910 148th St. SW, Tacoma, WA 98439

Phone Number: (253) 588-7033 or (253) 370-0843

Email: robbinslh@aol.com


Additional Information from Seller: Nucs only. Queens available

Business Name: Schaffer’s Honey Bee Farms (Charles Schaffer)

Address: 28610 186th Pl SE, Kent, WA 98042-5403

Phone Number: (253) 315-5084

Email: winterwood.gold@comcast.net


Additional Information from Seller: The pricing and schedule, etc. will be available around the first part of February of 2020.

Business Name: Tarboo Valley Wooden Ware & Honey Bees (Frank and Gloria Neal)

Address: 1029 Dabob Road, Quilcene, WA 98376

Phone Number: Bee Orders- Contact Gloria at (360) 301-1850 Supplies- Contact Frank at (360) 301-0686

Website: Tarboovalleywoodenware.com

Email: gloria@tarboovalleywoodenware.com or frank@tarboovalleywoodenware.com


Additional Information from Seller: Old Sol Survivor Stock Nucs and Queens (Varroa resistant stock)  (www.oldsolbees.com) Our Old Sol Survivor Stock NUCS contain double vetted survivor stock queens. (Double vetted means to make a careful and critical examination).  These queens’ brood patterns are assessed at least twice before they are selected for your colony.  This results in a more fully mature queen with much stronger pheromone signature. Characteristics of Old Sol Survivor Stock: All Queens are marked to make them easy to find and monitor her performance! Fly at cooler temperatures! Rapid build up of brood in the hive! Excellent honey production! Low mite count! Breeder queens are tested by the Bee informed Partnership! Northern bred for winter hardiness and no Africanized genetics! Selected for hygienic behavior

Business Name: The Snohomish Bee Co. 

Address: 403 Maple Ave # A, Snohomish, WA 98290

Phone Number: 360-568-2191 – Office or 425-324-6448 – Mobile – Cory Marchand

Website: www.snohobeeco.com

ITEMS AVAILABLE AND PRICE: At this time we are offering Italian Honeybee Packages (Dr. Steve Sheppard Stock) from our longtime supplier in Palo Cedro California. We are also offering, for the second year, Golden West Apiary Nucleus Hives. We will also be offering Carniolan queens from CF Kohnen & Son, Survivor Stock & Caucasian Queens from Old Sol and Italian Queens.

Our Italian Packages for 2020: (All prices are before sales tax.)
4lb. Italian Package w/ unmarked queen (Only available on the first delivery) $ 150.00
4lb. Italian Package  w/ a marked queen (Only available on the first delivery) $ 160.00
3lb. Italian Package w/ unmarked queen $ 135.00
3lb. Italian Package w/ a marked queen. $ 145.00

Our Golden West Apiaries Nucs for 2020:   $260.00

Nuc Details: Nucs provided to us from Golden West Apiaries are sold in Jester EZ Nuc corrugated plastic reusable nuc boxes with 5 deep frames.

From Golden West Apiaries:

  • We don’t cut any corners.  The nucs that we sell you are the same as those that we produce for ourselves.
  • We work our bees bare-handed for most of the season; therefore, we select our stock for gentle temperament.
  • We breed for genetic diversity within our thousand-hive operation; our queens come in a rainbow of colors.  Such diversity ensures robust, healthy colonies.
  • We do not routinely use antibiotic treatments, so purchasers can be assured of combs free of AFB spores.
  • We strongly select for mite resistance—although our bees are not yet “mite proof,” they thrive under “organic” beekeeping management methods. 
  • Our stock is specifically selected for qualities desirable in a Northern California beekeeping operation: workability, resistance to mites and disease, the early buildup for almond pollination or the Manzanita bloom, honey production on the local bloom, and survival under our extreme Sierra Foothill seasons.
  • Since we haven’t used synthetic miticides since the year 2001,  and avoid areas in which insecticides are applied, our combs are relatively free of the sorts of chemical residues that cause negative effects upon queen viability; our queens display an exceptionally high survival rate.
  •  Our queens are emerged and mated in the full-sized nucs in which they are sold, and have never been stressed by caging or banking.
  • Each queen is fully “tested,” in that we’ve allowed her enough time to confirm that she produces a good brood pattern.
  •  Please follow Golden West Apiaries’ recommendations to manage the varroa mite.  We love our bees and hate to hear that they’ve died due to lack of varroa management.

Business Name: Wood’s Bee Co (Alan Woods)

Address: 919 W. Reynolds Ave., Centralia WA 98531

Phone Number: (360) 623-3359

Website: https://woodsbeeco.com

Email: bees@woodsbeeco.com

ITEMS AVAILABLE AND PRICE: $160 but be sure to mention you are a club member for a discount.

Additional Information from Seller:  Our winter hours are Monday/Wednesday/Friday 12-5PM or by appointment. We will expand our hours in the spring. We do have $10 off our NUC’s for members of Bee Associations, this discount does require them to come in to order. Our NUCs are $160 without the discount. This year we will be using the Pro Nuc boxes which are reusable and can be brought back to us for a $10 refund as well or you can keep the box, which is normally $15.95.