Ordering and Purchasing Bees

As local sourcing promotes local sustainability through community awareness, the Olympia Beekeepers Association maintains this list of local vendors of bees and related products and services. The list is updated as new information is received.

If you would like to be added to the list, please email us at president@olympiabeekeepers.org.

These locations are listed in alphabetic order and not by recommendation. List updated on 4/29/2022.

Business Name: Bee Forever Apiary

PHONE: 360-894-6038
EMAIL: bee4ever@fairpoint.net
WEBSITE: www.bee4ever.com
ADDRESS: 16100 Lemuria Ln SE, Yelm WA 98597


Locally produced raw honey from the Bald Hills in Yelm WA in various jars ranging from 6oz to 3lbs.

Beekeeper for hire service. You own the bees on your property, we do the work! (based on a contract). For prices and terms of service check out the website.

Besides contracting we are also offering consultations on a call to call basis. Whenever you need help for specific tasks, just call. For prices check out the website.

Business Name: Dolce Bella Bees

OWNER OR CONTACT: Alisa Shorey & Andy Matelich (Rep)
PHONE: 253-380-2327 or 253–683-0789 (Andy)
EMAIL: shoreyhousehold@hotmail.com
ADDRESS: 7415 276th St E, Graham WA 98338


It’s time to start thinking Bees! The information for this year‘s Bee Packages are as follows they will be $140.00 per package For Italians, 185.00 for a Carniolan, and 190.00 for Saschatraz Bees. We only provide packages not nucs. orders must be placed by March 24th, 2022.

We will be heading to California to pick them up on April 15 and 16th they will be available the 17th and 18th of April for pick up starting at 9 o’clock in the morning. Address is 7415 276th Street East, Graham WA 98338. Please make all checks to Alisa Shorey and the address above. Due to the Covid situation we will not be having the beginners beekeeping class this year again. If you have any questions feel free to call me or Andy. Thank you Dolce Bella Bees  Alisa Shorey

Business Name: Beeline of Washington

PHONE: 360-280-5274
EMAIL: beelineofwa@norcell.us
ADDRESS: 19019 Moon Rd. SW, Rochester, WA 98579


We are a manufacturer and retailer of beekeeping equipment. We offer all the basics for keeping bees! We bring Italian and Carniolan bees in packages or nucs from CA each spring for our customers. These need to be preordered. We supply queens from CA throughout the summer.

Business Name: Hive 5 Bees     

OWNER OR CONTACT: Kevin or Chris
PHONE: 360-706-4978
EMAIL: RochesterBees@gmail.com
WEBSITE: www.Hive5Bees.com
ADDRESS: 10020 Hwy 12 SW, Rochester, WA 98579


INFO FROM BUSINESS: Over 20+ years of commercial beekeeping experience – specializing in NUCS and retail/bulk honey sales. We also provide numerous ongoing educational and mentoring resources for our customers. Prices: 1-4 NUCS = $165,5-9 = $160, 10-24 = $155, 25-49 = $145, 50-99 = $140, 100+ = $135

Business Name: Rainy Day Bees

PHONE: (206) 519-8505
EMAIL: peter@rainydaybees.com
WEBSITE: rainydaybees.com
ADDRESS: Seattle, WA


Rainy Day Bees provides top quality nucleus hives from Golden West Bees, run by Eric Oliver. All nucleus hives contain 5 deep frames of bees, brood, honey, and a queen that was emerged and mated in the nucleus hive. We have been using the Olivers’ bees in our own apiaries for five years, and have had great success with these Northern California mountain bees. Golden West Bees nucs are usually available in mid-April, though the weather can easily push that earlier or later. An additional benefit of purchasing from Rainy Day Bees is that we stay connected with our purchasers throughout the season, sending out emails periodically with general notes on what you should probably be seeing/doing in your hive at the given time of year, as well as anything we are noticing in our hives that is unique to this year.

Pickup in Shoreline or West Seattle. Depending on demand and driving schedule, an additional pickup in Olympia may be able to be scheduled as we are traveling north. More details on our website at rainydaybees.com/olivernucs.

We also produce and sell local queens, raised in the Seattle area, throughout the spring and summer once weather permits (pickup only).

Business Name: Robbins Honey Farm

OWNER OR CONTACT: Harvard Robbins
PHONE: (253) 588-7033, (253) 370-0842
EMAIL: robbinslh@aol.com
ADDRESS: 7910 148th St. SW, Lakewood, WA


5 frame nucs available in April. (Order Early)
Bee supplies & Equipment
Honey, Pollen, & Royal Jelly
Honey Containers
Open: Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday 12:30 pm to-4:00 pm

Business Name: Snohomish Bee Co

OWNER OR CONTACT: Sarah & Cory Marchand
PHONE: 360-568-2191
EMAIL: bees@snohobeeco.com


We are currently offering Italian honey bee packages from our longtime supplier in Palo Cedro California. We are also offering Carniolan honey bees from CF Kohnen & Son. We will continue to offer queens from Wootens (Italian), CF Kohnen & Sons (Carniolan) as well as Old Sol Apiaries (Survivor Stock).

Our Italian Packages for 2022: (All prices are before sales tax and are subject to change. Price also includes a fully refundable $5 package deposit)
4lb. Italian Package w/ unmarked queen (Only available on the first delivery) $ 185.00
4lb. Italian Package  w/ a marked queen (Only available on the first delivery) $ 195.00
3lb. Italian Package w/ unmarked queen $ 170.00
3lb. Italian Package w/ a marked queen. $ 180.00

Prices for Carniolans are still TBD but will likely be close to our Italian honey bee package prices.

*We are currently offering our 2021 package prices until our suppliers give us the final pricing for 2022 which should finalize in February.

Business Name: Tarboo Valley Woodenware and Honey Bees

OWNER OR CONTACT: Frank and Gloria Neal
PHONE: 360-301-1850
EMAIL: gloria@tarboovalleywoodenware.com
WEBSITE: tarboovalleywoodenware.com
ADDRESS: 1029 Dabob Rd., Quilcene, WA 98376


LITEMS AVAILABLE: 2022 Survivor nucs …$220.00 2022 Survivor Queens…$45.00 2022 Caucasian Nucs…$240.00 2022 Caucasian Queens…$70.00
We also carry bee supplies and woodenware. Frank gives a 10% discount, on supplies, to anyone buying bees from us.
Old Sol Bees are northern bred for winter hardiness and no Africanized genetics. Queens are vetted for 3 weeks, and marked to make them easier to find and to monitor performance.
Queens are selected for their hygienic behavior, low mite counts, gentleness, rapid build up, and great honey production.
For more information on Old Sol Bees, visit their website, oldsolbees.com, and read “about us”
Call now to reserve your 2022 order.

Business Name: ValorBees, LLC

OWNER OR CONTACT: Dustin Leishman
PHONE: (253) 262-9922
EMAIL: dustin@valorbees.com
WEBSITE: www.ValorBeesLLC.com
ADDRESS: 32409 48th Ave. S., Roy WA 98580


We are a veteran owned and operated business. We offer NUCs currently on sale for $165 until December 1st, after that they will be $180. Beginning 1 January 2022 we will be carrying a line of bee keeping equipment ranging from wooden ware to home extraction from Mellivo. Our bees are Carniolan bees from Bee Kingdom sourced from Germany stocked queens. We offer 10% discount for all military and first responders.

Business Name: Woods Bee Co

PHONE: (360) 623-3359
EMAIL: bees@woodsbeeco.com
WEBSITE: https://woodsbeeco.com
ADDRESS: 919 W. Reynolds Ave., Centralia WA 98531


Our winter hours are M/W/F 12-5 PM or by appointment on other days. Please call to set up appointments. We will expand our hours in the Spring.
We have a full selection of beekeeping supplies and equipment.
Our 2022 NUC price is $175.00 per NUC this includes a $10 refund if the NUC box is returned. We are offering an additional $5.00 off for all WASBA and Local association members and orders of $5.00 or more NUCs.
We are also offering a limited number of 10 frame NUC for $225.
While we have not advertised it yet our NUCs can be order online now at
We are not selling packages this year.
We will have early queens – price to be determined.