Olympia Beekeepers Association
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Our Goals:
To enhance and promote beekeeping for
current and future beekeepers.
To insure that honey bee populations are
maintained and protected.
(A Little About What We Do)
The Olympia Beekeepers
Association is a non-profit
organization which provides
education, training and support for
beekeepers in Thurston County.
Have a Swarm of Honey Bees?
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numbers to call.
February Meeting!

We have an exciting program presentation by
Megan Taylor, WSU Grad Student from
Entomology Department - "
Old World Bee
Populations: A genetic resource for US honey bee

Also, we may have Package Bee ordering
information ready for the meeting and an email
notice will proceed the meeting if news is available.

See you there: February 9th, regular times!

It would be interesting if you have any up-dated
hive loss information on your Apiaries.