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  • Cascade Venom Collection – AKA The Bee Man
    In late summer we all see a lot more yellow jacket, hornet and wasp activity. The OBA does not provide removal services for anything other than honey bees. If you need help identifying, then removing anything else, and you have not sprayed the offending insects, then you can call Cascade Venom Collection for free removal. (more…)
  • Northern Giant Hornets (AKA Murder Hornets)
    We had the pleasure of hosting, Cassie Cichorz from Washington Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection-Pest Program for an update on the Northern (Asian) Giant Hornet.  Recently given the common name “Northern Giant Hornet”, they are currently only reported in Northern Washington State, however could theoretically hitch hike to our area. For more information visit the (more…)
  • OBA Elections – Nominations
    We are holding elections at the November meeting. You may nominate yourself or someone else. Preferably before November so we can reach out to that member and discuss the expectations and see their willingness to serve. Currently we have the following nominations; President Paul Longwell Vice President Nathan Allan (Currently Appointed) Secretary Treasurer David Bruun (Currently appointed President) (more…)
  • September Member Meeting
    Murder Hornets! Did we get your attention? Where? Thurston County Fairgrounds 3054 Carpenter Rd SE Lacey, WA 98503  When? Monday September 12th 2022 Heritage Hall – It’s the main building to the right, as you enter the main gate. Guest speaker:  Cassie Cichorz from Washington Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection-Pest Program for an update on (more…)


Apprenticeship Class starts Wednesday September 21st

It is not too late to become a member, or for current members to register for the Apprenticeship class. If you are new to beekeeping or need a refresher on the basics, now is the time to get ready for Spring 2023! See our Education section for more details.

Board Elections have been scheduled for November.

This is your chance to join the Board and make your mark on the club!

Members can make a nomination by clicking HERE!

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Swarm Season is here!

Call the Olympia Beekeepers Association SWARM Coordinator at 360.515.1068 and we will coordinate finding a member who can respond to help you. It is important to have the following information;

  • Location: Address
  • Height from ground
  • Access to the swarm
  • Telephone contact number
  • Any other pertinent information you can provide

Association Members can request to be on the Swarm Catchers List, administered by the Swarm Coordinator.

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