Classes are held before General Meetings, which are held at Chinook Middle School in Lacey.

Apprentice Beekeeper classes are conducted each month starting at 6:00PM on regular association meeting nights. Currently, the Journeyman Classes are being held at the same time.

The Apprentice Class meets in the class room 104 down the hall from the cafeteria. The Journeyman Class meets in the cafeteria.

Both classes are held under the auspices of the Washington State Beekeepers Association.
Our Education Chair is Bob Smith. He is in charge of the Education Program, which includes our Apprentice, Journeyman and Master Beekeeper classes.


Where are classes held?
Chinook Middle School
4301 6th Ave NE, Lacey, WA 98516

Do I need to sign up for classes?

No! Simply attend one of our apprenticeship classes, which are held at 6pm, before the membership meeting.

How much are the classes?

You can feel free to sit in on the class, but to obtain the Apprenticeship Certificate you must pay for the course materials. These are supplied by the Washington State Beekeepers Association, and currently cost $15.

How many lessons are taught each class?

One or two lessons (there are 12 in total) are taught during each hour long class.



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