We offer the Beginning Beekeeping Apprenticeship both monthly and an accelerated course.

Please see below for course descriptions, dates and times when available.


Go at your own pace Beekeeping monthly classes:

Apprentice Beekeeper

Classes are held the second Monday of each month at Chinook Middle School in Lacey.  Classes start at 6:00 pm in the cafeteria and ends at 7:00 pm when the general meeting starts.

Journeyman Beekeeper

Class is held the third Monday of every month from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm at the Chinook Middle School Library; you must be a member to obtain your Journeyman certification through the Olympia Beekeeping Association.

Both classes are taught under the auspices of the Washington Master Beekeepers.

Our Education Chair is Gail Bush. She is in charge of the Education Program, which includes our Apprentice and Journeyman Beekeeper training.


Where are classes held?

Chinook Middle School
4301 6th Ave NE, Lacey, WA 98516

Do I need to sign up for classes?

Yes, to receive certification. No, to audit the class simply attend one of our apprenticeship classes, which are held at 6pm, before the membership meeting.

How much are the classes?

You can feel free to sit in on the class; classroom instruction is provided by the Olympia Beekeepers Association to each candidate. The student then has the opportunity to take open book tests to achieve certification approval through the Washington Master Beekeepers. Currently the instruction and the certification costs $35.00, which includes first year’s dues for the Olympia Beekeepers Association and $10.00 for members which covers the certification cost.

How many lessons are taught each class?

One or two lessons (there are 10 in total) are taught during each hour long class leading to certification and reaching the following goals:

  • Be familiar with common terms and concepts of bees and beekeeping.
  • Get a basic overview of apiary management, and pollination.
  • Obtain breadth of knowledge regarding pests and diseases.
  • And possess the skills to maintain a small apiary.

Tests and study materials can be downloaded from the Washington Master Beekeepers website.


Olympia Beekeepers Association’s Accelerated Apprentice Beekeeping Course.

Will start Tuesday March 19, 2019 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, and run for six consecutive Tuesdays at which time you’ll receive your certification. It will be taught by Master Beekeeper Tim Weible in the Chinook Middle School Library and class size will be limited to 35, so sign up early. You can pre-register by contacting Shelby Albert at:, the fee is $35.00 payable the first day of class and that includes one year’s membership in the Olympia Beekeepers Association. If you are already a member of the OBA the fee will be $10.00 which covers the certification cost and at this time this course cannot be audited, there is just not room.      

This course is also taught under the auspices of the Washington Master Beekeepers. Tests and study materials can be downloaded from the Washington Master Beekeepers website.  This course will include field trips or bee cruises.




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