If you find a Swarm of honey bees that need to be saved, call Gail at 360.515.1068 and she will find someone near your location to assist you.

The following PDF will help you identify the difference between wasps and bees, along with giving you more information that will be helpful to you.
PDF: Swarm Information

Quick Guide (if you do not have time for the PDF)

Call the Olympia Beekeepers Association SWARM coordinator at 360.515.1068 and we will coordinate finding a member who can respond to help you. It is important to have the following information;

  • Location: Address
  • Height from ground
  • Access to the swarm
  • Telephone contact number
  • Any other pertinent information you can provide
Bee Swarms Examples
Swarms that are “easier” to catch.

Sometimes, honeybees will swarm into an eave, attic, or wall opening and these locations require special tools to save the bees. So if you see a swarm like the pictures above, it is important to act quickly while they are in a location easy relocate into a hive box.