The President has general supervision of the affairs of OBA. They preside at all meetings of the association and of the Board of Directors. If the Treasurer is absent for an extended period of time, the President may approve and pay bills on behalf of the association. The President also has the authority to appoint committees and appoint individuals to do specific jobs.

Vice President

The Vice President must exercise the duties and powers of the President if they are absent or unable to do so.


The Treasurer collects and receives all money due or belonging to the association and deposits it into the association’s bank account. They must maintain accurate records of OBA finances, budgets, and assets. They are authorized to make payments on behalf of the association within spending limits established by policy. The books are open to inspection by any member at any time and the Treasurer reports the condition of the association’s finances at every meeting.


The Secretary is responsible for correspondence on behalf of the association. They take notes at association and Board of Directors meetings, including votes taken on any issue, and post the notes to the website within a week of the meeting so that members can review and call for changes if necessary. The Secretary is also responsible for maintaining the current bylaws and policies on the website.

Education Coordinator

The Education Coordinator organizes and implements formal education programs for beekeepers. They collect, produce, and hand out materials for OBA’s educational programs and maintain a list of volunteer speakers/educators.

Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator maintains a list of the association’s members and their contact information.

Outreach Coordinator

The Outreach Coordinator organizes and implements OBA community outreach activities, like educational booths at local fairs and festivals, and presentations on bees and beekeeping to community groups and schools. The Outreach Coordinator maintains a list of volunteer speakers/educators for outreach events.