Committee Chair: Bryan Henn

The mentorship committee is responsible for matching experienced beekeepers to OBA members who are new to beekeeping to help them get started and to act as a resource when new challenges arise. We try to insure that anyone who needs assistance, from the basics to more advanced topics, has access to help.

I need a mentor please!

We do ur best to find Mentees a suitable Mentor. Remembering that we are all volunteers, this is not always possible. Do your best to fill out our request form as accurately as possible. The better the information, the better the match we can find.

The committee is accepting volunteers!

There are always more people who need mentors than we have mentors volunteering! The committee is looking for more mentors as well as new ideas for ways to maximize mentorship opportunities.

If you are interested in joining the mentorship committee, please fill out the form. Email us at if you have additional questions.