28 people in attendance – 22 in person, 6 on Zoom

  • Introductions from new members

Officer reports

  • Treasurer (David) – In good shape; savings has $4,579.95, checking has $4,407.17
  • Mentors (Bryan) – So far, 9 mentees that have filled out papers and asked for a mentor – need more mentors! 45 people want mentors but haven’t filled out the paperwork, 12 are willing to mentor but haven’t filled out the paperwork; Bryan has come up with a way to streamline the paperwork online via fillable form – look for updates coming soon
  • Library (Lynn) – Library has moved to Swantown Inn and has many new books! Let Lynn or Nathan know if you want to check something out. Coffee window open Fri-Sun 8am-12pm if you want to come and read without checking out.
  • Membership (Catie)
    • 5 Lifetime members
    • 72 paid members through 12/31/2023. This is an increase of 29 paid members from last month. Of the 72 paid members:
      • 20 are new members (If the date joined field reflects the correct date the person joined)
      • 9  are renewing members 
    • 85 members are currently listed as expired as of 12/31/2022 or 01/01/2023
      • A decrease of 9 from last month.
    • New membership representative – I want to make sure I’m providing value added information in my report to the members. If there is additional membership related information would you like to know or would be helpful – let me know.
  • Education (Gail) – Just started a new apprenticeship class last week with 20 students (full class) – filled up in 2 weeks
  • Vice President (Nathan) – next month’s meeting will be a Bee Faire with vendors here to network with and place bee orders.

Special Guest: Debra Langley-Boyer – Hive Choices: Which hive is best for you?