23 people in attendance; 19 in person, 4 online

Welcome new members!

Updates from the Board

  • We had a quarterly board meeting in Aug- reviewed and checked-in on the 2023 OBA goals and brainstormed ways to improve mentorship benefits of the club
  • Sign up sheet for bee vanity license plates
  • Finances are in good shape: Savings $4,582.23 checking $4,812.81
  • Move to pay Nathan for use of his facilities for meetings, $125 per meeting, seconded and approved
  • Folks like the Hive Mind idea

Speaker: Ernie Schmidt – Master Beekeeper

Ernie believes the most important thing about being a beekeeper is keeping bees alive. Even though he is a Washington State Certified Beekeeper and well versed in conventional beekeeping, but he is not afraid to think outside the box. He will be sharing thoughts on topics such as “what is a successful keeper and how to be one” and “unorthodox way of controlling Varroa mites, but it works for me”.  Be sure to bring paper and pencil, you will likely be hearing things you want to write down.