Andy Matelich has a last minute deal on 10 frame deep “NUCs”. Pickup is in the Olympia area;

“Many of you know me from the Olympia club. If anyone still wants bees, I was able to contact a friend of mine in California who has a small commercial operation. With the wet spring they have had this year he is behind in making splits and he has a surplus of hives, and he wants to sell them. What he is selling will be a 10-frame hive with an overwintered queen ready for a second deep. He is offering these bees for $200.00 each and they will be arriving this weekend. Getting a 10-frame hive instead of a nuc will give you an even better chance for larger honey yield. Supplies will be somewhat limited. If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact me at 253-683-0789. “