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Bee a PollinatorBee a Pollinator! 

Check out the Bee a Pollinator page to find out how you can help bees and join the campaign!

2016 Package and Queen Orders

If you ordered package bees, pick up is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20th.
Details for pickup are available here.

Honey Bees Coming to the Washington State Governors Mansion!

Installation of stand and hive boxes was completed today by the OBA's Capitol Bee Team. The new buzzing residents at the Governor's Mansion will officially arrive on April 20th. The OBA is thrilled to be collaborating with Governor and Mrs. Inslee and the Department of Enterprise Services at the Capitol on this project. (In the picture below, left to right, Brent Chapman, DES; Jeff Coleman, Duane McBride, Mark Emrich, First Lady Trudi Inslee, Laurie Pyne)


 From Monday, March 14th Meeting:

Dr. Danny Najera's links:






March 29, 2016: HB 2478 Has been signed by Governor Inslee!

Thank you to everyone that contributed to this effort. As soon as we have more information on the projects in this bill, we will be sure to pass along.

Register your hives!

It is that time of year to register your hives. For most of us it is only $5 for up to 5 colonies, and $10 for up to 25 colonies.  This shows the Department of Agriculture just how many beekeepers there are, along with protections and reporting for colony loss.

The club has this page with all of the documents and links you need!

Have a Swarm of Bees?

Contact us to get swarm help.


The next regular meeting and beginning beekeeping class will be on Monday, April 11th. Meeting is from 7-9:00 pm and class meets from 6-7:00 p.m. at Chinook Middle School in Lacey. Dr. Steve Sheppard, honey bee researcher and chair of the entomology department at WSU will be our featured presenter.  He will be discussing the recent evidence of the impact of WSU's germplasm contributions on altering the western breeding population as well as the results of their research on antiviral effects of mushroom extracts. We're excited and honored to welcome him back. His presentations are always packed with usable and fascinating information.

Now is the time to prepare for this year's honey bees.  Make sure you have all the necessary equipment you will need before the bees arrive. The Olympia Beekeeper's Association is a fabulous resource for education, bees, fellowship, mentorship and troubleshooting help as you prepare to install your first or hundredth hive this season! We hope to see you at our  meetings on the second Monday of each month. If you're thinking about having bees one day or simply appreciate them and want to learn more, the association is a great place to start.

All are welcome to attend our monthly meetings.


  • Education Classes (Beginning Beekeeping/Apprenticeship program) at 6pm in the cafeteria or follow the sign in the hallway inside the entrance.
  • Membership Meeting follows at 7:00 pm in the cafeteria


Membership is $25 per year. You can sign up at our meeting, or fill out this form.

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