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Bee’s for sale!!!

Robbins Honey Farm NUCs $125.00
7910 148th St. SW
Tacoma, WA 98439
(253) 588-7033
(253) 370-0843
Harvard L. Robbins

Nucs only. Queens available.

I get my bees from a company south and east of Portland.  I do not know about mite resistant, I have bought a lot of bees from these people for several years with good luck.

2019 Package and NUC Orders

Update from Charles Shaffer (2-27-2019).

I was notified yesterday that the February cold weather has affected the bees in northern California.  It has put the bees back into winter mode for most of the month.  The bees are just now starting to forage for pollen.  No drones have been raised yet. The result is package bees will be significantly delayed.  They don’t yet know how much the delay will be but it will be at least two weeks but could be a little more than that depending on the weather still yet to come.  This will push delivery to sometime during the 1st part of May.  I am removing the March cutoff date for orders since now it is meaningless.
I will let you know more information about delivery times as it is communicated to me.

Any questions let me know.

Charles E Schaffer

Charles will also be taking orders at the February and March meetings at the 2019 prices. For 2019 prices effective February 1, 2019, click below.

2019 Bee Package and NUC order form

Payment method:

1.)Your OBA membership for 2019 ($25.00) has to be current to order.

2.) if you can’t attend the meeting you can email orders to winterwood.gold@comcast.net

3.) or you can call 253-315-5048 to place your order.

4.)The last day that Charles can take any package orders will be March 28.

All 2019 priced orders must be paid to Charles Schaffer by March 28, 2019.  Charles accepts cash, check or PayPal Friends and Family.

Approximate pick up date for packages will be April 19th time and place will be announced later.

About the Bees from Schaffer’s Honey Bee Farms
28610 186th Pl SE
Kent, WA 98042-5403


The source of the breeder queens that are used to rear the queens for the packages that I offer is Sue Cobey from Whidbey Island.  These are the New World Carniolans. Her apiaries I believe are in the vicinity of Mt Vernon WA.  In any case her bees are adapted to the western Washington region.  The source of my package bees is Heitkam Honey Bees in Orland CA.  They purchase fresh Carniolan breeder queens each season from Sue Cobey.  So the Carniolan queens that are in the packages are daughters of breeder queens that are adapted to western Washington.  If a purchaser prefers Italian queens for their package, those queens are not adapted to western Washington.  A queen purchase would be the same source as well as queens for spring splits to make up nucs.

Package delivery is during the latter part of April usually the 3rd week.  I do not receive a date for pickup until around the 1st of February.  My nucs are usually available around the end of May to the 1st part of June.  The nucs are generally medium frames some may be deeps.  I do not sell the nucs until I can evaluate the quality of the queen.  This is about 3 weeks after I make the split.