South Sound Fruit Society presents “Native Bees for Fruit Production”

South Sound Fruit Society is having a a talk by Rusty Burlew on:

“Native Bees for Fruit Production”

Tuesday, June 2 at 7 pm

We will be meeting  at the Eastside Urban Farm and Garden Center located at 2326 4th Ave. E., Olympia.

Rusty Burlew  has  a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University in Agronomic Crop Science and a master’s degree from The Evergreen State College in Environmental Studies. She has been involved with bees and farm crops since her childhood in Pennsylvania, and as a plant breeder she helped develop cultivars of alfalfa and daffodils. Rusty also has considerable experience as a writer, journalist, and editor. Her website Honey Bee Suite.comis now in its sixth year and currently draws about 10,000 views per day from a number of countries around the world. She also writes a column for Bee Craft, the journal of British Beekeeping, and  speaks to various groups about native bees and bee conservation.

New Web site

Many thanks to Dana for stewarding the Web site through a couple of volunteer transitions.

We now have swapped over to using WordPress as the engine for our website. This website is using a responsive design and should be easier to navigate on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

As board members fill in the details of their areas of expertize, we hope that the site will be more functional and useful to both our membership and the others interested in Beekeeping.

Registering your beehives

The Washington State Department of Agriculture maintains a page on their web site specifically for Apiarists.

On it you will find the laws, general information and a registration form to register your hives.

The association strongly recommends that you register your hives. For 1 to 5 hives it is a nominal cost of $5 per year.

Link: Washington State Department of Agriculture - Apiary

PDF: Apiary Registration Form