47 people in attendance – 45 in person, 2 online

  • Introductions from new members

Officer reports

  • Vice President’s update (Nathan)
    • Club needs to decide if we want to be members of WSBA – motion to join and seconded (potential to win money for large and small club of the year, beekeeper of the year)
    • Reminder that we have extra equipment available for sale, including frames with drawn comb
    • Rhonda at Ocean Shores Public Library is looking for someone to give a talk – if you are interested talk to Nathan
    • Yelm is putting on a Pollinator Palooza in May and looking for speakers – talk to Nathan
  • Treasurer’s update (David) – In good financial shape – Checking $4,404.11, Savings $4,580.3
    • If you want to sell honey or volunteer at the Steamboat Island Farmer’s Market, let David or Nathan know – runs every other weekend through August
  • Membership update (Catie)
  • Education update (Gail) – Awarded 6 new certificates to apprenticeship beekeeper class graduates
    • Planning an in-person apprenticeship class at Swantown starting sometime end of April, it will run for 6 weeks of 2-hour classes
    • Swarm list – If you want to be on the swarm list, make sure you indicate that in your membership profile online, including when you will be available to get swarms and how far you are willing to go and how high up you are willing to go – when a call comes in, Gail looks for the person who is closest to the swarm
  • Librarian’s update (Lynn) – located at Swantown Inn and open same hours as the coffee window on the weekends, can also email Lynn to check out a book
  • Mentorship update (Bryan) – Need more qualified mentors – sign up on the website to be a mentor or request a mentor or both. You don’t have to have a ton of experience to be a valued mentor to our new beekeepers.

Update from Jeff Ott – Beekeeping Today Podcast

  • Peter Nelson of the film called “The Pollinators” (available for download on Apple) – shared a DVD with the club that Jeff will add to the library
  • Free podcast mug given away!

Reminder! Everyone please register your hives with the state! You will only be protected as a beekeeper if your hives are registered. Also if you live in the city of Olympia, this registration is required to have bees in city limits. Registration is due by April 1 each year.

Introductions from vendors and start Bee Faire!