29 people in attendance; 24 in person, 5 online

  • Introductions from new members

Officer reports

  • Treasurer – Savings $4,581.07, Checking $3,692.83 – about 2 years’ worth of expenses.
    • Club is buying honey to resell at the Steamboat Island Farmers’ Market
  • Mentorship – mentor program need mentors!
  • Library – if you’d like to learn something specific, talk with Lynn and she’ll help you! Lots of DVDs in there now, too.
  • Education –
    • Apprenticeship class just finished up. Setting up another, date TBD for Sunday afternoon for 6 weeks, 2 hours each day, will include a visit to Dixon’s Bee Yard to go through bees, class costs $50 and must be a club member ($25 annually), join the waiting list on the website
    • Swarms – Not very many people yet have indicated that they are interested in catching swarms. If you are, indicate that you want to catch swarms on your membership profile online.
  • Vice President
    • We are doing a bulk jar order – order form on the website
    • Went to a meeting at the Armory – potential future meeting location
  • Outreach – we received some money as part of the Inspire Olympia Education and Arts programs for outreach that we’ll be figuring out what to do with next year

Presentation from Dave Muehleisen on Varroa Mites.