Board Meeting – Planning for 2023

Saturday, January 21st, 2023, 11am to 1pm


Swantown Inn, The Grand Victorian Ballroom

1431 11th Ave SE, Olympia WA

(Get Directions)


Swantown Inn has limited car park space, but plenty of parking around the corner on Central. Only park up the drive if you have mobility issues.

Note: This is an in person meeting, and we will be making big decisions for the year, so would love to see all our board members, and any other interested members in attendance.


  • Welcome new board members.
  • Financial Report – David
    • Clean up of current authorized account holders?
  • Membership Report – Catie
    • Renewals, Brand new members, etc.
    • Membership Software – Nathan
      • Initial Cost was $133.50 (Purchased on sale)
      • If we want continued support ongoing is $198.50 (unless a special arises)
  • Planning for 2023
    • Meetings – Speakers? Topics?
      • Nick Naeger – WSU – Fungi and Bees (Nathan reached out)
    • Education – Levels? Costs?
      • Gail and Margaret have a Apprenticeship Class set for February 8th.
    • Library – Accessibility? Budget for new books?
    • Equipment Lending – What is needed? What is not? Budget?
      • Discuss possibility of selling used hives to members, no use in storing indefinitely. Discuss.
      • Demonstration hives – Move to Fairgrounds?
  • New Business
    • Club Apiary – Tenino has offered a property.
    • Anything from the floor?