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  • PNW Survey of Bee Health & Beekeeping Practices

    Survivorship Survey – by Dewey M. Caron Last year, 271 OR/WA backyarder beekeepers returned April surveys on overwintering colony losses/survivorship, and management such as colony feeding, sanitation and Varroa control efforts. The results for WA beekeepers are posted on the website: There were 52 WA respondents included in the WA report Colony loss levels […]

  • Fortified Sugar Block Recipe

    Lauri Miller Fortified Sugar Block Recipe 25# cane sugar one scant quart cider vinegar 1/2 tsp of electrolytes 1-2 Tbs citric acid (found in your canning dept) Splash of Pro Health or other scented essential oil of choice Mix together about 1/3 of the sugar and vinegar at a time in a five gallon bucket […]

  • Invitation to members: Washington State Fair Honey Show & Competition

    All are invited to enter exhibits for the Washington State Fair Honey Show & Competition in Puyallup, WA. Attached you will find the Honey Show Premium List showing you all the details and rules of the show. Also attached is a flyer you can print and share with all beekeepers. Our honey show is statewide. […]

  • Honey Bee Project at the Governor’s Mansion

    Two hives were placed on the front lawn of the Governor’s Executive Residence at the Washington State Capitol and honey bees installed on April 20, 2016. The project, a collaboration between the Olympia Beekeepers Association and the Washington Department of Enterprise Services will help raise public awareness about the decline of bee populations, our dependence […]

  • Honey Bees Coming to the Washington State Governors Mansion!

    Installation of stand and hive boxes was completed today by the OBA’s Capitol Bee Team. The new buzzing residents at the Governor’s Mansion will officially arrive on April 20th. The OBA is thrilled to be collaborating with Governor and Mrs. Inslee and the Department of Enterprise Services at the Capitol on this project.