Book Review – The Orchard Mason Bee

The Orchard Mason Bee; The Life History, Biology, Propagation, and Use of a North American Native Bee (Osmia lignaria propinqua Cresson)

by Brian L. Griffin and Illustrated by Sharon Smith and the Author

3rd printing 2011  Knox Cellars Publishing, Bellingham, WA

Here is a great resource for “How To” capture and raise these mild mannered pollinators in your own backyard. The lifestyle and habitat for the Orchard Mason Bee fits our native area, and can assure that you have pollination when apples, pears and other crops need it, even in the most fickle spring weather.

This short book is well referenced. It gives understandable explanations for the “bee science” as they develop and adapt to your yard. Presented with perfect science projects for young children, too. All the dimensions for making “Bee Boxes” of your own are given, or you can find ready made options for habitation.. 

But the Orchard Mason Bee does not make honey. These bees live as neighbors in a common area, but are not “social” or in need of leadership. They are not a hive, but a significant pollination crew. The Mason Bee will integrate into your garden without displacing your current pollinators. Not bad when we are looking at significant climate change stressing all of our crop cycles. 

OBA Elections – Nominations

We are holding elections at the November meeting.

We have recently talked with a few of the current board members and nominees and they have decided they would like to decline the nomination. If you are interested please reach out to the President, the association is only as good as it’s volunteers!.

You may nominate yourself or someone else. Preferably before November so we can reach out to that member and discuss the expectations and see their willingness to serve. Currently we have the following nominations;

  • President 
  • Vice President Nathan Allan (Currently Appointed)
  • Secretary Camy Naasz
  • Treasurer David Bruun (Currently appointed President)
  • Membership Catie Holstein
  • Education Chair Gail Booth
  • Outreach Chair Steve Walker
  • Librarian Lynn Phillipi
  • Mentor Chair Brian Henn

This is a exciting time for the club. Coming out of the pandemic, getting members back on track for “Education, Training and Support” is our priority!

September Member Meeting

Murder Hornets! Did we get your attention?


Thurston County Fairgrounds

3054 Carpenter Rd SE

Lacey, WA 98503 


Monday September 12th 2022

Heritage Hall – It’s the main building to the right, as you enter the main gate.

Guest speaker:  Cassie Cichorz from Washington Department of Agriculture, Plant Protection-Pest Program for an update on the Northern (Asian) Giant Hornet. 

See their website for the latest:

Fall 2022 Apprentice Class

NOTE: The Fall Apprenticeship Class is now full. Class starts September 21st. You should have received an email from

If you are somewhat new to beekeeping, want to start beekeeping, or want to refresh your knowledge and skills about beekeeping, the Apprentice Level course is for you!

This course will be held on Zoom from September 21 through November 16, Wednesday evenings at 6 pm. A hands-on and in-person session will be scheduled during the course as well. 

The course fee is $35, which includes a $10 tuition and $25 for a 2022 membership to Olympia Beekeepers Association. 

Bee Booth – Thurston County Fair

We still need more volunteers for the association’s Bee Booth.

Shifts are 4 hours. It includes admission to the fair. Note that we are not picky volunteers can cross over standard shifts. Email to get yourself added to the schedule.

Wednesday 27th July

10-2pm: Nathan Allan and Family

2-6pm: Pam Binder

6-9pm: David Bruun

Fair closes at 9 pm

Thursday 28th July

10-2pm: Steven Walker and Family

Pam Binder (1:00 – 4:00)

2-6pm: Jeff & Jennifer Simmons

6-9pm: Stefanie Booth

Fair closes at 9 pm

Friday 29th July

10-2pm: David Bruun

2-6pm: Tam Clark

6-10pm: Pam Binder, Jennifer Harte (New Member)
Fair closes at 10 pm

Saturday 30th July

10-2pm: Lisa Borchert + Hub (New Member)

George and Jess (12-4pm)

2pm -6pm: Nicholas Peters (New Member)

6-10pm: Doug Stolhand
Fair closes at 10pm

Sunday 31st July

10-2pm: David Bruun

2-6pm: Doug Stolhand

6-8pm: Pam Binder
Fair closes at 8 pm