Bulk Jar Order

The OBA is going to make a bulk jar order. This is for jars for packaging the honey we will sell at the Thurston County Fair and other outreach events.

We are giving members the ability to add to this order, thus helping us get lower bulk pricing.

Shipping will be split between orders based on the number of jars you order. This is the one variable we cannot tell you before the order is placed.

If you are interested, and by this I mean you are committed to paying for the jars you request plus the portion of shipping, please fill out this Google Form.

We will close the order window a week after the May Member Meeting.

Bee Faire : March 13th 6pm

At the March 13th meeting of the Olympia Beekeepers Association, the club will host some locally-based honey bee vendors for you to visit.

Each vendor will have a table where you can meet with them.

You can learn what they have to offer in 2023, including: nucs and packages, delivery schedules and locations, prices, and more.

Note that our regular business meeting will be streamed (via Zoom), along with the vendor introductions. However, to get the most out of this meeting, it really requires you be here!


6:00 – 6:30: Our regular monthly business meeting.

6:30 – 6:45: Vendors will introduce themselves and give an overview of their offerings.

6:45: The Bee Faire will begin.


Swantown Inn

1431 11th Ave SE

Olympia WA 98501

(Get Directions)

Swantown Inn has limited car park space, but plenty of parking along the street on Central. Please only park in the driveway if you have mobility issues.

For questions or more detail, please email secretary@olympiabeekeepers.org.

Equipment for Sale

The Association has some used equipment for sale. It is all in great condition. Contact Nathan Allan for details.

  • Deep Box 10 frame? $13
  • Medium Box 10 frame? $10
  • Frame? $2
  • Drawn frame? $4
  • Frame with honey? $20
  • Hive cover? $16
  • Hive base (screened)? $15
  • Hive base (solid)? $7
  • Hive stand? (Frank made with treated 2 by 4s) $20
  • Complete Hive set up (2 deeps and 2 mediums)
    • Option One – for packages (Includes 6 drawn frames and 2 honey frames) $190 (with brand new screened bottom board)
    • Option Two – for nucs (Includes 4 drawn frames) $150 (with brand new screened bottom board)

2016 Bee Package and Queen Orders

Greetings, I hope everyone is enjoying this sunshine and busy preparing hives for our upcoming delivery of package bees. The bees arrive late in the night of the 19th or early in the morning of the 20th.

Package bee pick up begins on the morning of April 20th from 8:00am — 1:00pm.

If you ordered bees Mechele will be in contact with you with details.