Volunteers Needed – Grays Harbor County Fair

We need more volunteers!
Dates are from August 5th to 9th.
We need: Friday 10-2 and 6-10, Saturday 10-2 and 2-6 and Sunday 2-6 and 6-8.
General information: Passes and tickets will be held at the Pavilion parking lot at the will call. Volunteers should go there first to get passes and parking permits. Then they are free to park at the main parking (further west) as it would be closer to the Bee Booth. I've put in a message to Rod at the Fair Grounds since I can't find the link on their site for you to use.


Nikki McClure signs now available at the Swantown Inn in Olympia

The wonderful folks at the Swantown Inn & Spa at 1431 11th Ave. SE in Olympia are now one of the locations where you can secure your own Nikki McClure sign.

We will be posting additional locations. We'll also be participating in the Hands On Children's Museum kids camp on Thursday, July 2nd and will have signs and information available at the museum that day. You can also contact Laurie Pyne at LMPCarl@gmail.com for more information, or if you'd like to carry the sign at your place of business.

Don't forget to do something today that has a positive effect on pollinators. Thank you for helping!